Halos & Horns Book Blog Review of Crazy Maybe

<3<3<3<3 1/2

Wow what an awesome book… I thought how can it get any better in the beginning with all the hot sexual tension between Luke and Andi. Then when they finally did hook up, wow… HOT!!

This is the story of Andi and Luke, Andi lost her parents young and was given up by her blood relative at 6 and the bounced between foster home until ending up being emancipated at 16. She then came to basically live at the gym, and Mack, Pops, became her pseudo dad in many ways. He taught her how to protect herself at all times, Mack ran a successful boxing training gym.

Luke came to this gym in hopes that Mack would take him under his wing and mold him into the fighter he wants to be. Luke feels his family looks at him like a black sheep because he didn’t follow in his dad’s footsteps and go into the family real estate business. He sees her the girl from the night before and he’s mesmerized by her seeing her here has put him into a tailspin. She knows she wants him and that he wants her but is it for more than one night.? She agrees to be his “friend” until he can tell her what “this” is. Weeks passed and she over hears Luke and his brother Brandon talking and hears Luke telling him they will never be anything more than friends. Every time Luke opens his mouth he makes it worse for them… Little did he know that was just the beginning of the drama. Andi’s history comes to light and sides are taken, when I thought, where is this story going to go the author surprised me with drama and suspense.. Overall an awesome read!!! Go and one click this now…