Crazy Maybe


Updated Cover

Updated Cover



What readers are saying about Crazy Maybe —

I am now an A.D. fan!  — This is my first A.D. Justice book and I am now a fan. Andi is a great character, who is so easy to relate to, and Luke…oh, Luke. He is a young man every mother hopes their son becomes.
Andi’s past makes you cry, and makes you understand why she is so guarded and tough. When that past comes back to haunt her, she’ll need every friend she has to get her through it. Growing up in foster care, family isn’t something she can rely on.
Luke, on the other hand, has a supportive family, but one that doesn’t understand him and his career choices. He feels he has something to prove. When he meets Andi, he has finally found someone who believes in him. She changes everything.

A Must Read!  Beautiful and Fierce!! — Oh my GOODNESS!! This book was one of the best books I’ve read so far in 2014. The author is so talented and can suck you into this read so easily. Oh what do I say… READ THIS BOOK!!! Andi and Luke are two characters who you are rooting for from the first page! You fall in love with them and they capture your heart and your mind. The twists and turns of this book will amaze you and keep you wanting more. I highly recommend this wonderful and beautiful story!!

I Am Crazy for A.D. Justice!!! — This was the book of the month in one of my Facebook groups and a really LOVED this story!!
This is a story about Andi Stone, a smart, strong, independent women who has a past that hasn’t been kind to her at all. Shuffled between several foster homes growing up, until one tragic night gets her placed into a psychiatric hospital. At the age of 16 she gets emancipated and starts her life over with the help of a famous boxer Mack & his protege, Shane who become like a father a brother to her.
Then Luke walks into her gym and changes her life. A street brawler wanting to make a name for himself in the boxing world and make his family proud, sets his sights on Andi.
Passion ignites and a love affair ensues. But will Andi’s past come back and cause Luke to think Andi is “Crazy Maybe”
Do yourself a favor and gets this awesome book!! You won’t be disappointed!! Can’t wait to read more books from A. D.!!!!


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